About Chee Yeo

Chee Yeo graduated with a first class honors in Computer Science from the University of Essex, UK in 2007. He has worked alongside various digital agencies and startups before freelancing as 29 Steps.

After freelancing, he worked for various IT companies and corporations in the UK.

He has over 12 years commercial experience in developing and delivering bespoke software systems. His main expertise is in software development, using languages such as Ruby; Elixir; go lang; python.

He has transitioned to machine learning and DevOps and has attained the AWS Solutions Associate accreditation. He is currently learning and researching areas in computer vision. He has gained competency in the following languages such as Python and machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras.

Chee is also prolific in the open source community by contributing to open source software. Examples of his open source work can be found at http://github.com/cheeyeo.